ProtonUK Newsletter #49

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #49

We are so excited as we are approaching issue 50 of our newsletter. We are publishing the newsletter for more than a year and yet it feels like it was yesterday when we started.

As with every other issue, there is so much happening. The focus of this release is the future of the Proton ecosystem, the Metallicus team did AMA on Reddit and took part in a few Twitter spaces. There is just so much information that we cannot digest all at once and need to listen to the spaces again! Brace yourself for a journey into the future of blockchain and the Proton ecosystem, proudly presented by Marshall and the team.

Thank you for your support and have a nice week!


We start with the Reddit AMA, it's been almost 2 years since Marshall did one but he's back now. As always, it's been a valuable source of information and inspiration. We have repeated this many times, but things like this show how consistent and goal-oriented the team is. The fundamentals have not changed and they still follow the same vision, even expanding it by introducing Metal Blockchain. The future is bright!

Hi! I'm Marshall Hayner, from Metal Blockchain $METAL & Proton Blockchain $XPR - Ask Me Anything! from AltStreetBets

If you still have doubts about the future of Metal Blockchain and Proton Blockchain just look at some of the ideas the Metallicus team has. We know that they are working on DAO, NFT bridge and Metal Pay 3.0 but this list here is so bold and innovative.

Now if you have some time here's 3hrs long Metallicus and friends Twitter space that was awesome and one that you should not miss.

and if you have even more time then listen to another Twitter space from the 27th of January:

Another one not to miss is this podcast with VP of Product Karen McHenry, and VP of Engineering Maura Wilder:

All this happened in the past two weeks and the energy on Twitter is amazing - so many new people and tweets about XPR. Keep up the energy and do your part - tell a friend about XPR. You can send them our Starter's guide, FAQ or any of the Twitter spaces above to begin with.

Metal Blockchain

In other news, the Metal Blockchain is growing and there are now more than 80 validators:

It really is the next-generation blockchain:


Something that came out yesterday out of the blue is the Metallicus team proposal for issuing 14B new coins - 4B to the consortium (committee) for dev grants and 10B to the core team (xprtreasury). It may come as a shock when you read this initially but PLEASE take the time to read the proposal before jumping to conclusions. The proposal goes into the details about why this is needed and how the funds will be spent:

Marshall in Proton Blockchain | $XPR
Dear Proton Community, I am writing to you today with a proposal that has the potential to take Proton to new heights. Our blockchain has all the qualities that make it stand out - decentralization, security, regulatory compliance, and the ability to adapt to the community’s will. After extensive…

IMPORTANT! Starting from the 1st of March you will need to KYC if you want to use any Metallicus products, such as DEX, Swap or LOAN:

In just a few days Storex will release their beta so that's definitely something to watch out for:

Metal Pay

That's not new but if you missed the news, has temporarily suspended Euro bank deposits. Enter Metal Pay. It's fast and easy to deposit and withdraw fiat using Metal Pay so if you are based in the European Union make sure you give it a go!

Proton Loan

We have not posted much about Proton Loan recently. A lot of lending projects went under people are not looking to borrow now on the bear market. Nevertheless, the TVL still stands at $3M and the Metallicus team is now focused on DAO, since the release of the DEX. A minor new feature that many people asked for in the past is that you can now enable dark mode on the Proton Loan website- the little joys of life :)

We have an amazing community. We have our starter's guide and our FAQ section but it's so good to someone who has put time and effort to summarize Proton on Twitter:

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Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. You can find us on Twitter, Telegram as well as Reddit. Thank you for supporting ProtonUK.

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