ProtonUK Newsletter #48

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #48

This week's focus is on Proton Blockchain running on Metal Blockchain. Following earlier tweets by the team that Proton is now running on Metal testnet, the Metallicus team announced the first smart contract and first token.

Thank you for being so supportive!

Metal Blockchain

What we know today is that the Metallicus team is working on porting Proton Blockchain on Metal Blockchain where it will be called A chain - there are already A, X and P chains.  Just a month after the announcement of Proton running on Metal testnet we see the first contract on A chain now:

Following that, we also saw the first token issued on the A Chain (Proton) testnet:

Marshall shared a screenshot the other day of what it seems to be a Proton blockchain validator on Metal Blockchain!

Marshall in Metal Blockchain Validators
Proton running on Metal ⚛️

At the same time the Metal blockchain bridge is also in development. Hats off to the Metallicus team for managing to balance the development of so many products in parallel and to such high standards.

In case you missed it, there is now a subreddit for Metal Blockchain and make sure you join.


The lovely chaps from Storex are about to release a beta of the e-commerce platform they are building on Proton Blockchain and we can't be more excited!

Metal Pay

In the meantime, the team is removing a couple of coins from Metal Pay. Read more about part of the reason behind that here:

Irina Berkon in Metal DAO | $MTL
Hi all. A few words about delisting coins. Metal Pay is a crypto app, not an exchange. Until we integrate with Proton Dex (very soon!), we rely on our CEX exchange partners and custody providers. We have to “front” the funds for trading, pay exchange and custody fees, monitor each pair. These activi…

The Proton community is awesome! Here's Okezie from Proton Nigeria who has organized a few one-day conferences to promote Proton locally. Keep up the good work Okezie!

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