Block Producer

ProtonUK is a leading block producer on the Proton Chain network. We run a content-rich website and a weekly newsletter that goes out every Monday. We focus on technology over price and believe in the long term success of Proton ⚛️

Code of conduct

ProtonUK's mission is to grow the Proton Chain worldwide and make Proton XPR more popular by publishing Proton related articles and being actively involved with the community on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

Proton UK pledges

  • Invest in high-grade enterprise servers to support block production.
  • Never pay for user votes or do giveaways but earn users' votes genuinely through publishing quality articles and being engaged with the community.
  • Will NOT short stake and not bring further inflation to Proton and respectively do NOT use short stake to vote for ourselves. We asked the community to vote whether we should stake our block producer rewards or not. The vote was clear, with 83% in favour of staking and burning the staking rewards. As of 22/02/2022 we started staking our block producer rewards and voted for the bottom 4 block producers. Short staking rewards will be claimed at the end of every quarter and either burned or used for marketing/development purposes.
  • Be transparent with the allocation of block rewards and publish quarterly based earning reports.

Proton UK believes in giving back to the community. Thus each quarter, a part of block producer rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% of the rewards will be burned. XPR will be sent to token.burn address essentially taking it out of circulation.
  • 5% of the rewards will be donated to charity (Save the Children). The amount of XPR will be converted to BTC and sent to their wallet.

Links to transactions will be posted here on the blog every quarter. The next report will be published on 1st September 2022.

Ownership Disclosure

Proton UK is a privately owned Block Producer, owned and self-funded by Svеtоslаv Gyurоv. There are no external or 3rd party financial sources other than the one coming from our Block Producer.

Node specification

Proton UK spans multiple servers with block producer nodes running the latest generation of Intel CPUs Alder Lake (i9 12900k), 128GB of RAM and Gen4 NVMe SSDs to guarantee the best performance and redundancy.

Both, the API nodes and block producer nodes run in clusters to guarantee continuous operation. The access to the API is managed through a load balancer that runs healthy checks every 60 seconds to confirm that the API endpoints are available. Block producer nodes run in a high availability active/passive cluster so that only one node is producing blocks with the passive node taking over within 60 seconds should the primary node fail. In the unfortunate event of a failure, we may miss one round of producing block or not at all since one round of producing block by all BPs takes around 2 minutes.

Proton UK servers are located in the heart of London Docklands within the City Reach data centre. All servers are protected with over 160 Gbps of DDoS protection capacity via the provider's Corero SmartWall appliances to ensure continuity of all services, in the event of an attack. The block producer public bandwidth is 1Gbps, enough to handle a high number of connections.

As of 15th March 2022, ProtonUK is within the top 2 block producers by CPU execution time (that affects block producing), the lower the better:

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