ProtonUK Newsletter #52

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Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #52

Hope you are all well in these difficult times as the bear market turmoil continues with no improvement in sight. Nevertheless, the Metallicus team continues to deliver and work in parallel on multiple products. After attending Money20/20 in Amsterdam they released the long-awaited Proton Governance Dashboard (DAO) and added Metal Blockchain support to the wallet. Read more about this and many other things below.

We were also busy, we added a new Accounts section to ProtonLive, giving you various metrics and statistics about on-chain accounts. Let us know what you think and if you'd like more metrics added to this page. ProtonLive notification services were also redeployed and got a few minor bugs fixed. The Hyperion service was upgraded to the latest version as well as all API, P2P and BP nodes are now running Leap 3.2.3. We are also applying a critical hotfix on top of 3.2.3 which was released today - the benefit of running highly available services is that the upgrade process will happen without interrupting the API access or the block production schedule.

As always, thank you for your support!


The new wallet now supports Metal blockchain. You can send/receive and stake METAL directly in wallet. Make sure you read the blog post carefully, once you get a Metal blockchain account you need to backup its private key too!

p.s. there is a minor bug in the wallet that prevents you from sending METAL cross-chain, you need to use ProtonDEX until it's fixed.

Finally, another big milestone was completed - the release of the DAO dashboard. Community members can make proposals now for the rest of the community to vote. This is very important because the team don't have to create polls on Telegram or Twitter to understand what's the sentiment of the community towards a particular idea. What's more, anyone can create a proposal now.

The Metallicus team released another cool feature - Payments Streaming. It's a type of smart contract that allows disbursing payments automatically over a specified period of time without the need for manual intervention.

From another's of Marshall messages, we understand that the team is working on B Chain (Bitcoin) implementation on Metal Blockchain. For reference, Metal Blockchain has a few chains that come by "default":

  • C-Chain or contract chain, the C stands for contract and this chain is used for smart contracts and dapps.
  • X-Chain or exchange chain is used for sending and receiving funds.
  • P-Chain or platform chain is used to stake METAL or run a validator.

There is also an A-Chain that the Metallicus team is working on - that's porting Proton Blockchain onto Metal Blockchain. This will allow Proton to run with 4.5k TPS and 0.5s of finality making it one of the best payments blockchain.

Marshall in Proton Blockchain | $XPR
there is a ton of work being done on A Chain, also B Chain work has begun (Bitcoin)

Mastering ProtonFu: A Learning Journey into the Proton Ecosystem - Proton Chain Blog
It is with great excitement that we announce the Proton Consortium’s approval of a recognition grant for a unique project named “Mastering ProtonFu.”

Metal Blockchain

A month ago we saw Metal Blockchain added to the FedNow site only to be removed within 24hrs:

Find Learning and Resources With FedNow Explorer
Use FedNow Explorer to learn more about instant payments and features of the FedNow Service

This caused a lot of speculation about whether it's true, but we definitely saw an influx of people following the news. The team has been rigorous on not sharing anything or answering any questions but Marshall finally confirmed the other day that they are really working on a connection to FedNow but the news was removed because of an influx of traffic to the website:

Marshall in Proton Blockchain | $XPR
we are working on a connection and in contact about getting it added back but the more I talk about it publicly the more problems it creates
Marshall in Proton Blockchain | $XPR
if I could openly talk about it you know I would... are we working on connecting FedNow? yes. Will I answer more questions? No.

The Metal Blockchain has a shiny new whitepaper that aligns with the design of the website:

In case you missed that, the Metal Wallet now displays the names of the validators when you stake:

Metal Pay

Late last month the team sent an email to all Metal Pay users in Europe that the Bank of Lituania has revoked the license of UAB Payrnet - that's Railsbank, Metallicus partner in Europe. As a result, all Metal Pay IBAN accounts will be closed and currently, there's no off-ramp option for the European users of Metal Pay. The Metallicus team confirmed on telegram that they are looking for alternatives.

Proton Loan

There are a few proposals in the governance dashboard for adding more coins to Proton Loan that seems to have passed the required 25% quorum and it's not up to the team to approve and implement the proposals. Make sure you check the other proposals and vote for the ones you think are a good addition to the platform.

Metal Dollar

We are starting to see more and more details about Metall Dollar and it's great to see it's added to CoinGecko now:


We are happy to share that we added Accounts section to ProtonLive giving users an overview of the number of accounts on the chain, their age and their last active time.

Marshall was right for many of the past events in the crypto space and he made interesting predictions for what's coming next:

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Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. You can find us on Twitter, Telegram as well as Reddit. Thank you for supporting ProtonUK.

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