ProtonUK Newsletter #43

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #43

Hope you are all well and apologies for the delay, as always there is so much going on. Another few days with more announcements and hints by the team. With less than a month to money2020, the Metallicus team must be working hard to get ready for the event. Will mentioned there will be a booth with speakers and given that they had the coolest booth on the NFT Expoverse we expect an even better booth.

Hope you enjoy the content as much as we do. Thank you for your support and have a great week!

Metal Blockchain

Earlier this week Metallicus announced the availability of the Metalchain wallet and the options for users to stake their METAL or run a validator node.

We believe in Metallicus and all its products. We've said many times that they are a bold team with a vision and a plan that they follow regardless of market conditions. It's great to be part of the journey and see how different pieces fit together. We will also support the new Metal Blockchain, our validator node is one of the first public nodes and we staked 2000 METAL for 1 year:

You can run a validator node too. For that purpose you need a PC, ideally a co-located server with good connectivity and an uninterruptable power supply. To stake for a validator node you also need a minimum of 2000 METAL. Here's a link to the documentation:

Run a Metal Node Using the Install Script | Metal Docs
We have a shell (bash) script that installs MetalGo on your computer. This script sets up full, running node in a matter of minutes with minimal user input required.

Very much like Proton Chain, Metal Blockchain is aiming to solve problems, that is turning the slow and expensive PoW chains into PoS chains. You should know this by now but Proton Chain is a layer 1 that supports tokens and Metal Blockchain is layer 0 that supports chains.

Metallicus announced they are sponsoring Dogecoin Hackathon (or Dogeathon) which is taking place in Australia between15th and 19th of November. It comes as no surprise as we know Marshall is a long-term friend with Dogecoin founders and a big fan of it.


We are delighted to announce that we are the leading block producer by execution times (the lower the better) and second best by users' votes. Again, we just wanted to say thank you for your continuous support!

The Proton DEX release is approaching as we see the team posting more and more hints on telegram and social media. Proton DEX will be a game changer - there is no middleman anymore, you trade directly from your wallet and will have all the features that centralized exchanges have, like order books and limit orders. The team mentioned some other features that DEX will offer, like a referral program and discounts on staking XPR.

Another hint that the DEX release approaches is the release of five Proton DEX keys (in the form of NFTs) that you will give a lifetime of free trades on Proton DEX. They will be auctioned at with the first one reaching a bid of 1.7M XPR at the time of posting the newsletter:

Alvosec, another block producer on Proton Chain announced yesterday the first preview of their ProtonDNS, the first DNS system that protects you in Web3. It features a very nice and clean website similar to Proton colours and has plenty of information on what ProtonDNS is and how to use it. Well done Alvosec!

Metal Pay

The Metallicus team announced the availability of Metal Pay API, opening the gates for any financial companies to easily integrate cryptocurrencies into their products without having to develop a platform of their own. Up until now, all the Metallicus products were user-oriented whereas Metal Blockchain and now Metal Pay API allow businesses to deploy their own blockchains or integrate Metal Pay into their applications. There is Proton Chain of course that allows businesses and developers to deploy dapps but this requires much more resources and limits developers to use Proton Chain smart contract language only (C++ and Typescript):

Also last week, Metal Pay added Oregon to the list of states where it can operate:

  • Proton and Metal data source: CoinMarketCap
  • Price change based on Sunday close price using latest data in range (UTC)
  • Loan data source: Protonscan (Alcor exchange + Protonswap)

If you missed this in your Twitter timeline, here is Proton Nigeria, hosting a seminar on what Proton Chain is, how to create an account and having Marshall as a guest speaker. All this was live streamed on Google Meet. Well done Proton Nigeria, awesome way to get the community involved and bring more followers to Proton.

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