ProtonUK Newsletter #30

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #30

Here we are in the third week of June with more exciting news. We saw so many pictures of the Proton team from Money2020 where most of the team was last week. It's always great to put a name to a face and see the whole team getting together, Marshall, Glenn, Irina, Will, Karen and many more. They also continue with the hires that many crypto companies have put to a halt in difficult times like this.

We also have very special news to share - the release of the Proton Loan Health Monitor. The service allows you to subscribe and receive instant Telegram notification if your loan health goes under a certain threshold. Read more about it below.

Thank you for your support and have a great week!


It's been busy two weeks for the Proton team with Money2020 and Consensus22 and yet they announced another conference that they will be attending in July - NFT Expoverse:

The Proton team announced another partnership with BiocharNow which will use Proton Chain to integrate with their carbon credit system. That all makes sense given the small footprint of the Proton Chain - remember, we are running dPoS which in terms of carbon footprints nothing compared to the Proof of Work mechanisms. Another special thing is that the partnership with BiocharNow was a direct result of the Proton Billboard Bounty campaign:

ProtonNZ, another top block producer on Proton Chain created a very handy tool where you can log in with your wallet and add your social media accounts. Now people can be sure they are looking at the genuine account of a user since adding links and changes are only possible after a user signs the transaction with his wallet.

And we got our own profile too, check it here.

Following the announcement of BetterBlochain the team introduced a few of the projects that choose Proton Chain for their dapps:

First is Snipcoins, which is a social media platform running on Proton Chain, we got our account, did you get yours?

You've probably heard of the NFT marketplace before:

As well as Freeos:

Metal Pay

What a week, not only did we get Metal Pay Europe but the team also announce the upcoming Metal Pay Credit Card. We don't know many details now except that the service will go live in the US first:

The team continues with their hires and announced today that they hired four new people, especially now in a bear market and such uncertain times. Well done Proton team!

Proton Loan

We are happy to share our latest addition to the ProtonLive portfolio - Proton Loan Health Monitor service. If you borrowed some money from Proton Loan you can subscribe to the service to receive instant Telegram notifications when your loan health falls below certain thresholds. You can define the warning and critical thresholds and change them according to your risk tolerance. Read more here:

Proton Loan Health Monitor
Subscribe to Proton Loan Health Monitor to receive instant Telegram notifications if your Proton Loan falls below a certain threshold. You can subscribe to the service by sending /setup command and unsubscribing by sending /cancel command. To check your current loan health and service settings send…

Subscribe to the service by starting a chat with our bot:

Proton Loan Health Bot
Subscribe to receive notifications when your Proton Loan health falls below a certain threshold. Created by @ProtonUK
  • Proton and Metal data source: CoinMarketCap
  • Price change based on Sunday close price using latest data in range (UTC)
  • Loan data source: Protonscan (Alcor exchange + Protonswap)

What an amazing team! Thank you and keep up the good work. We are grateful to be part of this journey and fully support you.

ProtonUK BP
The official group of the UK’s first and leading block producer on the Proton Chain - ProtonUK (
Proton Live
We monitor Proton Chain in real-time for interesting and significant events and publish them over Telegram and Twitter as they happen. Created and maintained by ProtonUK. Read more at
Proton Loan Health Bot
Subscribe to receive notifications when your Proton Loan health falls below a certain threshold. Created by @ProtonUK

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. You can find us on Twitter, Telegram as well as Reddit. Thank you for supporting ProtonUK.

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