ProtonUK Newsletter #28

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #28

In this week's newsletter - more podcasts, new products and hints on what's coming next by the Proton team.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!


We start with some great news for Kiwis. If you live in New Zealand you can now buy Proton XPR directly using the New Zealand dollar. Easy Crypto is available in Australia, Brazil and South Africa so hopefully, we see XPR there soon too:

And just like that, the Proton team released an amazing new feature last week - Proton OTC. It is trustless p2p trading which allows you to trade any coin and/or NFT in your wallet with another account on Proton Chain. That is a great addition to the Proton ecosystem that we are sure many people will find useful:

In case you missed the last week's podcast by the Proton team, here's the link to the Twitter space, make sure you listen to the whole episode:

Yet another podcast from Real Vision where Marshall spoke not too long ago. He was invited back to speak with Ash Bennington from RealVision to discuss how Metallicus is building its infrastructure and the future of Web 3.0:

Last week we saw the addition of Storex (STRX) token to Proton Swap and now we got two more projects coins added - Proton Mint (MINT) and Snipcoins (SNIP). These are three great projects built on top of Proton Chain that now can be traded on Proton Swap:

We see more and more calls for crypto regulation, especially with the recent LUNA crush. For those of you who don't know, Marshall delivered the Crypto-currency act of 2020 in front of congress calling for more regulation and how crypto should be treated in the US. Now this alone should speak a lot of the vision of the Proton team, they did this two years ago which in crypto time is a LOT! It is to show that the Proton team is moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

Here is something else interesting. Marshall dropped by the telegram group chat the other day asking what would like the users to see first - Proton DEX or Proton universal DAO dashboard:

Marshall in Proton Chain - XPR
Which would you rather see first?Proton DEX / Proton universal DAO dashboard

and it looks like the majority of the 313 votes were in favour of the DEX:

Another member of the community (HunterX) also did a pool on Twitter that came up with very similar results:

For reference, here is description of DEX and DAO by the Proton team:

  • Proton DEX is a fully functional decentralized spot exchange built on Proton.
  • Proton DAO dashboard is a universal DAO dashboard similar to that can be used for any DAO built on Proton to propose and make governance decisions

Metal Pay

Metal Pay launch in less than a week and today we welcome the General Manager of Metal Pay UK and Europe who was just introduced earlier today:

Money2020 is just around the corner and understand that Proton CFO (Irina Berkon) will be part of a panel discussing the Crypto FOMO:

Proton Loan

We all believe in Proton and have no second thoughts but to see the platform praised by people outside of the community is amazing. Ideally, that's what we all should do - spread the word and get more people to use the platform:

And another recognition by the Blockchain Media:

  • Proton and Metal data source: CoinMarketCap
  • Price change based on Sunday close price using latest data in range (UTC)
  • Loan data source: Protonscan (Alcor exchange + Protonswap)

And we feature Marshall in this section again, we couldn't even dream of this feature and it certainly would be a killer one:

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