ProtonUK Newsletter #25

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By ProtonUK

Hello Protonians,

Welcome to Newsletter #25

Markets continue to be in the red but this will not take us off course to deliver. We are thrilled to announce Proton Live, our latest addition to the portfolio of services. In other news, Metal Pay Europe could be live in June, another significant hire by the Proton team and the NFT May campaign turns out to be a great success.

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Introducing Proton Live: Real-time blockchain analytics. We are proud to another service to our portfolio. Starting today with monitoring and notifications we will soon be adding reports and an analytics dashboard.

We had this idea since we became block producers but there were other priorities - like setting up redundant reverse proxies, API and block producer nodes, and setting up a state history node, along with that there were the blog posts and the weekly newsletter. Over the past few weeks, we've been working on setting up the infrastructure for Proton Live and polishing the notification service. It's been in test mode for a few weeks and is now live for the past few days. Starting today you can subscribe to our ProtonLive telegram channel and receive a notification when certain events happen or large transfers are moved across the blockchain. The events and conditions are listed on the website.

The analytics app which is still in development will provide the users with reports and analytics of the blockchain. Can't commit to any timelines at this time as we want to deliver a complete and useful product but keep an eye on the social networks or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Join the Proton Live telegram channel to receive notifications of significant and interesting transactions on the Proton Chain as they happen:

Proton Live
We monitor Proton Chain in real-time for interesting and significant events and publish them over Telegram and Twitter as they happen. Created and maintained by ProtonUK. Read more at

The Proton team posted really cool infographic last week with a summary of how the chain performed since mainnet went live two years ago. We are glad to be part of this journey and proud to be the top 2 block producers by block execution time. We've invested in enterprise-grade hardware running the latest Intel i9 12900 CPUs to support the blockchain:

Metal Pay

Following this post by Metal CFO, Irina on LinkedIn, we now believe that Metal Pay will launch in June at Money2020:

Irina Berkon on LinkedIn: #europe #money2020 #banking
Hello, #europe! Metal Pay is here. Who should we invite to our exclusive launch party at an iconic location in Amsterdam? #money2020 #banking #compliance...

We also shared a tweet last week to remind everyone of their partnership with EvoShare, which is just one of the perks of using Metal Pay. We are looking forward to the day when Metal Pay will become available in the UK too!

The team also announced the hire of Juno Lee as their new Chief Information Security Officer. It only takes a minute to go through his LinkedIn profile and realize what a good hire he is and how much experience he brings with him. Great to see the team expanding with another executive filling a key role:


We are at day 8 of the NFT May campaign and the response from the community has been great. That's an amazing incentive by the Proton Team to introduce the artists but also put a name to a face for those who provided their pictures. Planning and executing such a campaign is not easy as there is so much content that needs to be put together and published on social media. This speaks a lot for the Proton team and their support for the community.

Also to remind everyone of another cool NFT marketplace that we highlighted some time ago - GLBDEX. That's GLB 3D Asset Marketplace for the Metaverse that runs on Proton Chain. Very much like Proton Mint, they continue to innovate and add new features to their website.

  • Proton and Metal data source: CoinMarketCap
  • Price change based on Sunday close price using latest data in range (UTC)
  • Loan data source: Protonscan (Alcor exchange + Protonswap)

Here's another cool project that we highlighted in some of the previous issues of the newsletter - Storex. It's Amazon of crypto as they say and it's built on Proton Chain. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they are a UK company, registered exactly two years ago, here in London. How cool is that!

ProtonUK BP
The official group of the UK’s first and leading block producer on the Proton Chain - ProtonUK (
Proton Live
We monitor Proton Chain in real-time for interesting and significant events and publish them over Telegram and Twitter as they happen. Created and maintained by ProtonUK. Read more at

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. You can find us on Twitter, Telegram as well as Reddit. Thank you for supporting ProtonUK.

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