How to transfer Proton XPR to and from

Detailed guide on how to transfer Proton XPR between Proton Wallet and Easy and instant transfers at low cost.

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By ProtonUK

On 20th July 2021, was the 9th exchange to list Proton XPR. Ranking 5th place in top spot exchanges is a big milestone for Proton. And since is on mainnet this means you can transfer XPR between Proton Wallet and instantly and with NO fees!

Don't rush, double-check and always send a small amount first. There is no fee to send XPR to!

Below you can find a detailed guide on how to do that but I want to highlight a few things first:

  • Moving XPR from wallet to requires that you Send XPR to gatedeposit account and use your memo! The memo is required so that knows to which account to deposit Proton XPR.
  • Moving from to wallet, you only need to use your Proton Wallet username, memo is not required since your account is unique on the Proton chain.
  • Should you make a mistake and forget the memo or put the wrong one, you need to raise a ticket with support.
  • If funds don't arrive within a few minutes in once you send them from Proton Wallet please raise a ticket.

Sending XPR from wallet to

Make sure you use Send as sending to another user on-chain and don't use Withdraw. The account you need to send XPR to is "gatedeposit" but for XPR to arrive in your account you need to put a memo! Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your account, go to Wallet at the top of the page and then Deposit, search for XPR in the search box, once you click on Proton XPR you will see a page like this, that has the account name and transaction memo that you need to use for the transfer:

2. Next go to wallet, under Assets click on Proton, then click on Send and use the above account name and unique memo number:

Please double-check that you picked up the correct account (gatedeposit), it will come up with a checkmark when you search for it to show that it's a verified account as you can see below. Hit Send, approve the transaction and that's it!

3. Within a minute or so your XPR coins will arrive in your account. If XPR doesn't arrive within a few minutes raise a ticket with the support:

You sent XPR from Wallet to which only took a minute with no fees and no impact on the environment. As simple as that!

Sending XPR from to Proton Wallet

Sending XPR from to Proton Wallet is easier as you only need to use your username, there's no need to put a memo. On withdrawal address you put your wallet username, don't put at (@) sign and make sure it's all lowercase.

To do this, go to your account, go to Wallet, then Spot Account, find XPR and click Withdraw and then all you need to do is put your username and the amount you want to withdraw. The XPR address is your wallet username, click No tag as a tag (memo) is not required when you send it to wallet. Now, on-chain transfers are free but sometimes exchanges set a small fee to support the infrastructure and staff. At the time of writing this post, the withdrawal fee at is 510 XPR and this gets updated hourly, compared to 1XPR at KuCoin:

Once you confirm the withdrawal, XPR will be deposited within a minute to your wallet account. I've set the amount to 130 XPR, the fee was 80 XPR and respectively I received 50 XPR:

Please reach out for help to the Proton telegram group OR Reddit if you are in doubt, both communities there are amazing.

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