Proton XPR Inflation Rate Tracker

Proton XPR 2022 inflation rate, tracked and calculated daily.

How is inflation calculated?

The figure above shows the 2022 YTD (year to date) inflation of Proton XPR.

This inflation rate is based on the total supply of XPR on 1st January 2022 compared to the total supply today minus the burned amount of XPR for the period. The supply is captured and inflation is calculated every day at midnight. The burning of XPR doesn't happen automatically at the moment, find the total burned amount here.

The XPR token is a controlled supply token with small annual inflation. To keep the chain secure, inflation of 4% per year was introduced, awarded on a 1/365 ratio and paid daily. This reward is split as follows:

  • 1% to block producers
  • 1% to all short stakers
  • 1% to the governing council
  • 1% for farming rewards

The hyperinflation (more than 4%) in 2022 was caused by long-stake payouts due to the low XPR performance compared to BTC. Fortunately the last longstaking contract ended on 28th July 2022.

Find all Proton supply details on Protonscan supply page.

In the future, we may publish monthly inflation as well as burning rates.

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